Today would have been Hermes’s 20th birthday. We always celebrated it on the 1st, even though we saw him for the first time on the 2nd. I always said to myself, “If these lads don’t make it to at least 20, I will have failed them.” Yet, Hermes left us just before his 16th birthday, which left me heart-broken, because his health was legendary and what happened to him wasn’t his fault.

But now I know that he came to me for a far higher purpose than just to live to 20+ and satisfy my ego desire. He came to wake me up from the slumber of Samsara, and he is doing it. His death was an integral part of that process, and definitely NOT a tragic accident.
After his passing, I finally came to understand why I had named him Hermes – the messenger of the gods – all those years ago. Because that is when the miracles & divine messages began!

So, it is an appropriate day to post this video up again. I cannot say “Happy 20th Birthday, Hermes.” But I am thinking of you all day long, tomorrow too, and thanking you for the blessings you brought to my family and myself. I have learned more deep things from you than from any other teacher in my life. Thank you.

Hermes Video (New)

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